Network for Learning Workshop

Herewith I would like to call attention to an upcoming workshop about Social Network Analysis (SNA) in the area of Educational Research, taking place at the University of Duisburg-Essen on 21st October 2014. Please find further informations as well as a registration form at:

Official workshop description:
Social networks analysis (SNA) allows to capture the social interactions and relationships within a wide-range of online platforms (e.g. Internet fora, Facebook and Twitter), and settings (e.g. Teacher education, informal learning, and workbased learning). Among others, this type of analysis has provided valuable insights into group discussions within cMOOCs, as well as informal learning scenarios within online (learning) communities. The workshop will not only provide an overview of current research on the topic. Additionally, dedicated sessions will introduce the underlying (relatively complex) methodology of SNA and provide hands-on experience with widely used software applications to conduct the applicable analysis. More specifically, based on recorded Twitter conversations from german and english speaking countires, preliminary findings (using the software package NodeXL - will be provided on how SNA can aid our understanding of how teachers use social media to share ideas and experiences on their teaching practice. Furthermore, the workshop will also critically reflect on SNA as a tool to assess and measure learning and discuss its implications for the (further) development of theory.

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