EAPRIL 2014 Conference

Nicosia (Cyprus/Greek)
European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning
Educational Tagging across Europe: Sharing Open Resources for Success
Martin Rehm, Tobias Hölterhof, Richard Heinen, Cornelia Helmstedt, Maike Gerken, Simon Beausaert

Continuous professional development of teachers, fostered by collaborative knowledge sharing, is a pivotal element in providing high quality education. Our project departs from the notion of Networks of Practice (NoP) and focusses on the development of a collaborative tagging system (CTS), called EduTags, to support the professional development of teachers. With only limited evidence being available on teachers’ online knowledge sharing behaviour, we analyse whether EduTags fosters the exchange of knowledge between teachers by establishing a NoP. We conducted a literature review, collected user statistics from the platform, and conducted social network analysis (SNA) to identify underlying behavioural patterns. Our results suggest that teachers are actively using EduTags, effectively “leaving their isolation” and linking up via commonly used tags. We therefore consider EduTags as a valuable starting point for initiating a NoP among teachers, which can meaningfully contribute to the design and implementation of face-to-face events, such as workshops.


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