Connecting PLEs

On Friday I presented and discussed our paper about connecting Personal Learning Environment at the PLEConf in Berlin. The main assumption of the conceptual study is the need to connect learners PLE which leads to the interpretation of the role of institutions Learning Management System as a “bridge” between PLEs. The term “bridge” origins from graph theory and indicates a critical line in a graph connecting parts of a graph that would otherwise be separated. The idea of the paper is to use bridges as metaphor for institutions learning platform, that means to realise those systems according to that metaphor.

Thoughts about organising academic conferences with Drupal

Some years ago we started developing the Drupal Conference module at the University Duisburg-Essen. This effort grow out of the need to organise a moodle conference. The module was first designed to work with Drupal 4.7. At this time, the only module offering the ability to create customized node types was Flexinode -- today there is Content Construction Kit. Also the Workflow module wasn't there. So this version of Drupal is long ago and things have changed. Of course there is still a need for a simple and tailored module to organise conferences with Drupal. But I would like to encourage opening ones mind that Drupal today offers modules which can be used to construct a similar functionality. Especially if one has requirements not served by the Conference module this can show that Drupal is a very flexible content management system that easily can be customized to different needs. Of course this effort requires more knowledge of Drupal in detail -- or can be a reason to learn it.

Drupal 4.7 Conference Module

The conference module allows you to organise conferences with drupal 4.7. It implements a mechanism to post papers, to manage reviewers and to assign reviews to papers. A paper is an aritrary node whith an attached file and a review is an arbitrary node assigned to a paper. It also takes care for the access permissions to papers and reviews:

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